Sep 29

Firehole Cascades: Yellowstone National Park

Firehole Cascades
Firehole Cascades is a twenty-foot drop off the Firehole River.  A small raging cascade that makes a nice little conclusion to the Firehole Canyon Drive.  Located along the canyon drive the Firehole Cascades is just another of the many roadside waterfalls that can be found in Yellowstone National Park.

Located just south from Madison and right before the Firehole Canyon Drive meets back up with the Grand Loop Road.  The Firehole Cascades just adds a little bit more to the very scenic drive.  If you are a waterfall enthusiast the Firehole Canyon Drive is worth your precious time.  Now if waterfalls are not that high on your priority list there are far more interesting things to see in the park.

There are many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park to choose from, some are roadside falls like Firehole falls mentioned above Crecelius CascadeFirehole Falls,  Undine FallsVirginia CascadeMoose FallsGibbon Falls, Rustic FallsTower FallsLewis Falls  Kepler Cascades, and of course the extraordinary Upper and Lower Falls while others require a hike to see like Wraith FallsLost Creek FallsFairy Falls or Mystic Falls. Whatever your plans are when you visit Yellowstone National Park make sure you seek out some of the great waterfalls that can be found in the park.

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