Sep 14

Fountain Paint Pot: Yellowstone National Park

MudpotVisiting Yellowstone National Park is an otherworldly experience.  Hiking the boardwalk trail at Fountain Paint Pot brings that notion to life.  The bubbling mud pots, the vivid oranges, browns, and blues of the hot springs, geysers shooting water in the air and the fumaroles make the Fountain Paint Pot a fun little hike. Fountain Paint Pot Geyser
One of the great things about the Fountain Paint Pot Area is that it has all four geothermal features of the Yellowstone ecosystem.  At less than a mile for the round trip Fountain Paint Pot trail is one of the best bangs for your buck in the park.  It is an easy flat walk. So very popular.  Meaning the earlier in the day the less fighting the crowd to get a good long look of Fountain Paint Pot’s cool features.
Silex SpringThe bubbling mud pots are probably the weirdest thermal feature in Yellowstone.  My eldest daughter laughed and shouted with glee as they popped and gurgled.  For those that have a different taste than seeing mud bubbles the rich blue pools Celestine Spring and Silex Spring are worth a look.  With any luck one or more of the many geysers will go off during your trip around the Fountain Paint Pot boardwalk. Bubbling Mud
The whole Lower Geyser Basin, which the Fountain Paint Pot area is just a small part of, is worth some of your Yellowstone Time.  The hike around takes roughly 15 minutes plus or minus a few depending on how long you watch the thermal features.  Located just a few miles north of Upper Geyser Basin on the Grand Loop Road.  Personally I like to couple a stop here with the Old Faithful area getting my fill of geothermal activities all in one day.
Fountain Paint Pot

There are many geothermal areas of Yellowstone National Park and all have unique and wonderful features. Upper Geyser BasinNorris Geyser BasinMidway Geyser Basin,  Mammoth TerracesBiscuit BasinWest Thumb Geyser BasinBlack Sand Basin, Mud Volcano, and Artists Paint Pots.  Whatever your plans are when you visit Yellowstone National Park make sure you seek out some of the geothermal areas the park is famous for.

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