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Old Faithful Visitor Center: Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful from the Visitor Center
With so much national beauty to see in Yellowstone it is hard to go inside to see an attraction.  However, the Old Faithful Visitor Center and others like it in the park are worth it.  Especially if you are spending multiple days in the park.  The Old Faithful Visitor Center is a great place to start before seeing the Upper Geyser Basin.  It will have up to date information on the several timed geysers they have in the area.  On cold days it will also be one of the best places to see Old Faithful burst to life.
Old Faith Visitor Center
Old Faithful Visitor Center is jammed pack with information. A wonderful orientation film as well as many information charts and interactive displays.  The exhibits are great but the best source is the park rangers that work there.  Park rangers have given us all sorts of interesting tidbits whenever we ask.  For the most part they have all been friendly and helpful.  I can only think of one time we come across one that wasn’t, but everybody has an off day once in a while.  (Sorry to my middle school student in 2011 with the stained hot Cheetos fingers all over my textbook, but I was just having one of those days.)
M Learning
When it was just Karen and I traveling we would stop at this visitor centers to get the park rangers to answer any questions we might have.  Now with our two little girls in tow the visitor centers offer a nice respite for them.  I mean there are only so much hiking and sightseeing little kids can take.  They need some wind down time of touch tables and interactive displays.  The Old Faithful Visitor Center has a really neat educational/ kid’s area that teaches about how the geothermal features of Yellowstone work.  My daughters really enjoyed their time there.
Yellowstone NP Visitor Center
Of course the Old Faithful Visitor Center had the usually suspects. The souvenir shop with all the stuff one would buy to recapture the essence of the trip. The clean indoor bathrooms. National park passport stamp stations and a place for the little ones to get started on their junior ranger programs.  Though most information can be found online from various websites and travel blogs which I hope that you do checkout and often.  A stop at a visitor center like this one is still the best source for knowledge about the park because it gives a visitor a chance to converse with the people that call the park their home.
Interactive Display Yellowstone
For more information about the Old Faithful Visitor Center visit the Yellowstone National Park website at https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/oldfaithfulvec.htm

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