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Firehole Canyon Drive: Yellowstone National Park

Firehole CanyonLooking for a short scenic drive in Yellowstone with waterfalls?  Then Firehole Canyon Drive is the place to go.  A real hidden gem.  Just a 2-mile one-way drive located south of the Madison Junction is one of our favorite areas of Yellowstone National Park.  Our love for the Firehole Canyon Drive started during our first visit to Yellowstone National Park.  My wife and I, on a whim, decided to take the side road before heading back to our hotel in West Yellowstone.  We were glad that we did because we got to see two baby elks frolic and play in one of the streams in the Firehole Canyon below. The Firehole Canyon Drive winds itself through the scenic canyon with cliffs raising above and the Firehole River raging below.  The only bad thing about the drive is the limited parking.  Of course, that can be said about any Yellowstone attraction during the busy summer months.  Firehole Canyon Drive is a place that becomes more popular as the summer grinds on.  This is due to the fact that it has a great little swimming hole to cool off on those warm summer days.  There is a sign and parking next to the road for the swimming hole.  There is no lifeguard on duty and the area can be closed during high water. Firehole River
Those not looking to swim the Firehole Canyon Drive is worth the visit.  It is a beautiful canyon area that is home to not 1 but 2 waterfalls.  The bigger Firehole Falls has an elevation drop of 40 feet and the Cascades of the Firehole is good place to feel the strength of the river running through the canyon. The waterfalls are not the most impressive in the park, but well worth the 15 to 25-minute detour it takes to cruise the Firehole Canyon Drive.
Firehole Falls
Not every visit has been as exciting as the first.  However, we have never driven away from the Firehole Canyon Drive asking ourselves why did we just do that.  Because of our first trip we are always on the lookout for wildlife.  Sometimes we are lucky and see elk or raptors in the sky other times it is just the scenery that captures our senses.  Either way the Firehole Canyon Drive has never left us wanting.

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