Aug 24

Pelican Creek Nature Trail: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone LakePelican Creek Nature Trail is a great all-inclusive family hike.  Not too long for the little ones at just 1-mile roundtrip.  However, it will feel much longer than that because it has so much to see.  The Pelican Nature Trail passes through forest, a boardwalk over the wetland habitat of Pelican Creek and has wonderful views from the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake. Pelican Creek View
There is a small parking lot at the trailhead about a mile east of Fishing Bridge on the East Entrance Road.  Because of the variety of habitats, it can be a good birding site with the chance to see pelican’s osprey, Bald Eagles, and waterfowl.  However, like most times when seeking to see wildlife there needs to be a bit of luck involved as well as knowing what time of day and year offers the best chance.  We have always had the best of luck at dawn and dusk or overcast days.
Pelican Creek BoardwalkPelican Creek Nature Trail is also prime grizzly bear habitat in the spring and early summer.  They flock to the area to gobble up the cutthroat trout as they spawn.  Of my travels to Yellowstone National Park I have only seen grizzly bears twice and both times were by Yellowstone Lake. Pelican Creek Trail
We really enjoyed our hike on the Pelican Creek Nature Trail.  Overall, a great introductory hike to the area that is the perfect length and difficulty for all ages.  The forest giving way to the marshland that led to the shoreline of Lake Yellowstone.  Really a great spot to see it all.  Scenery, animals, and solitude, Pelican Creek Nature Trail has it all.   I found it hard to visualize just how big the lake is until I stood on that sandy beach and gazed across the white cap waves to the mountaintops before me.
To see all of our reviews of things to do in Yellowstone National Park click here and for more information about the park go to their website at http://www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm

Pelican Creek Nature Trail
Distance 1-mile roundtrip
30-45 minutes
Difficulty Level Easy

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  1. freda

    Beautiful! That looks like a hike I could take.

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