Aug 20

Tower Falls: Yellowstone National Park

Tower WaterfallThe view of Tower Falls is bittersweet. It is still a nice and very popular waterfall in Yellowstone.  However, just seeing it from the overlook leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  I have seen the wonderful pictures taken at its base that chances are I will never be able to feast upon with my own eyes.  So, as I gazed upon Tower Falls I left wanting so much more. 

Tower Falls has a unique setting compared to the other waterfalls in the national park.  Framed by eroded volcanic pinnacles this 132-foot drop seems to be the perfect setting for a scene in a fantasy movie.  Unfortunately, the short trail down to the base of the waterfall has been permanently closed since the early 2000s. When the trail went all the way to the base of Tower Falls one could argue that it was the most scenic waterfall in Yellowstone.  A beautiful single plunge fall that would light up with a rainbow during certain parts of the day.  However, do to seismic activity in the area, a landslide, and a high rate of erosion due to heavy traffic the trail has been closed.  As of this posting the National Park Service has no plans to fix the trail or cut a new one. Hopefully sometime in the future that will change.Tower Falls
So for now the best and safest view of Tower Falls is from the overlook at the Tower Junction General Store.  Like many waterfalls in Yellowstone it is easily accessed. A mere 100 yards from the parking lot.  The views of Tower Falls might not be as spectacular as they once were, but that does not mean it is not worth the dozen or so minutes it takes to see it.

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There are many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park to choose from, some are roadside falls like Virginia Cascade, Moose FallsGibbon Falls, Rustic Falls, Undine FallsLewis Falls  Kepler Cascades, and of course the extraordinary Upper and Lower Falls while others require a hike to see like Wraith FallsLost Creek FallsFairy Falls or Mystic Falls. Whatever your plans are when you visit Yellowstone National Park make sure you seek out some of the great waterfalls that can be found in the park.

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