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Firehole Lake Drive: Yellowstone National Park

Firehole SpringFirehole Lake Drive is a 3-mile side road off the Grand Loop between Old Faithful and Madison Junction.  It is one of many side excursions that is often overlooked in the need to see the more famous sites of Yellowstone National Park.  It shouldn’t be.  Of course, you cannot see it all, not in one trip, maybe not even in half a dozen trips.  So the best advice, get-your-must-sees-in and then slow down and let whim and adventure take over. Hot Spring Runoff
Filled with scenic springs, geysers, and other bubbling geothermal features, Firehole Lake Drive is well worth the time.  Because it will not take long.  Almost every attraction is within sight of the car window. Though that is not the best way to see it.  I do advise visitors to get out and see the sights especially Firehole Spring, the Great Fountain Geyser, and the boardwalk around Firehole Lake.  However, that is the good thing about Firehole Lake Drive you don’t have to get out of the car to enjoy the trip down this short road.
White Dome GeyserFor lucky visitors to Firehole Lake Drive you just might get to see one of the geysers go off. I do say lucky because The Great Fountain Geyser erupts every 8 to 12 hours while White Dome Geyser can pause for 10 minutes to 3 hours between eruptions.  Who has time to sit around waiting for the next one to blow?  There is just so much to see.  That is the lack of patience side of me coming out.  So I go for luck on seeing an eruption. Luckily for me White Dome Geyser erupted just about the time we were going to move on from the parking lot.  Of course, we could have missed it just by a few minutes, and that has never really bothered me about visiting Yellowstone.  There is just so much to see there that we miss stuff all the time but still love our time in the park.  Despite all the things we miss we still see tons of things. Great Fountain Geyser
My wife and I have been to Yellowstone three times since we have been married and we always make it a point to drive down Firehole Lake Drive.  There are a couple of reasons for this, first it gets us off the main road.  It is such a popular park it is good to get off the beaten path.  Secondly the geothermal features here are just as nice as some of the other areas of Yellowstone.  Finally, it is like the excitement of buying a lottery ticket.  A quick 15 to 20-minute drive hoping that a geyser will go off and if it doesn’t not that big of a deal because it only took a little bit of time.  Better luck next time.
Firehole Lake Boardwalk

There are many geothermal areas of Yellowstone National Park and all have unique and wonderful features. Norris Geyser BasinMidway Geyser Basin,  Mammoth TerracesBiscuit BasinWest Thumb Geyser BasinBlack Sand Basin, and Artists Paint Pots.  Whatever your plans are when you visit Yellowstone National Park make sure you seek out some of the geothermal areas the park is famous for.


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