Aug 06

Kepler Cascades: Yellowstone National Park

Kepler CascadesKepler Cascades is a gorgeous roadside waterfall.  Conveniently located just a few miles south of Old Faithful on the way to West Thumb.  A short ten-minute stop for a large cascading waterfall count me in.  Kepler Cascades drops roughly 100 feet over a series of falls with the largest drop around 50 feet.  No it is not falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone but it is pretty in its own way. Kepler Cascades Sign
There is a small parking lot where a short boardwalk will lead to a wooden platform.  It will not be the isolated spot for sweet serenity you are looking for when in the wilderness.  It is often overlooked by the majority of the parks visitors.  I have been there when I had the whole platform basically to myself and other times when the parking lot is practically full.  Just depends on time of day, season, and luck.
Kepler Yellowstone
Kepler Cascades is one of the many roadside waterfalls in Yellowstone.  One of the better ones in my opinion. Absolutely worth the short time to see it and be on your way.

To see all of our reviews of things to do in Yellowstone National Park click here and for more information about the park go to their website at http://www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm

  • Waterfalls of Yellowstone

There are many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park to choose from, some are roadside falls like Moose FallsGibbon Falls, Rustic Falls, Undine FallsLewis Falls  Kepler Cascades, and of course the extraordinary Upper and Lower Falls while others require a hike to see like Wraith FallsLost Creek FallsFairy Falls or Mystic Falls. Whatever your plans are when you visit Yellowstone National Park make sure you seek out some of the great waterfalls that can be found in the park.


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