Jul 19

Landscape Photography Number 11: Mount Moran

Mt Moran String Lake
Grand Teton National Park is a photographer’s paradise.  It allows the simplest of amateurs to walk away with postcard worthy shots.  That is why I like this place so much.  From Mormon’s Row to Colter Bay a scenic view is always within the frame.

This picture of Mount Moran was taken midmorning along the String Lake Trail.  There was a slight wind so the reflection was not as crisp as I was hoping for when I took off for the hike.  Not that it matters that it did not come out perfect.  I loved the hike anyway.

I like this picture for a few reasons.  The playful wisp of clouds next to the mountains reminds me of all those vacation days we have been on where the sky is completely cloudy or not a cloud in the sky.  (I’m always hoping for little contrast up there).  Another thing that sticks out to me is the tree lines, the Mount Moran skyline, and the end of the waterway all converge at one spot.  Like the center point of an X.  Like all my photos I just try to do my best with what God has created.

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