Jul 17

String Lake Trail: Grand Teton National Park

String Lake ReflectionThe String Lake Trail is a good trek to take in the land of abundant views.  Honestly, a person really cannot go wrong in whatever they choose to do in Grand Teton National Park. Where to go. That is the hard part.  Luckily just about everything in the park ranks from jaw dropping to eye opening.  Grand Tetons National Park is truly an amazing place.  Hiking the String Lake Trail is just another way to take it in. string lake loop
An easy trail.  String Lake Trail is a 3.7-mile loop in which half of the hike runs along String Lake.  The trail is relatively flat through it does have a slight incline once we moved away from the lake.  If short of time just hike the lakeside trail.  The other part is nice but after the reflective views of mountains on the String Lake is impossible to beat. Once completing the loop take a dip in the lake.  Since String Lake is shallow the water is relatively warm for a high altitude lake.  Makes for a great way to cool off after the hike.
String Lake Trail PathWe took the trail early in the morning which is a common theme when we visit national parks.  Getting out before the crowds is a simple way for us to enjoy the parks more.  Another benefit of going early is the better chance for still water to get those water reflecting photographs.  Of course even if I shut my eyes, spun around three times stopped and took a picture I would end up with a decent shot.  That is just how magnificent the land is there. Missing Person
String Lake is located just a few miles from the North Jenny Lake Junction.  For those that are not wanting to hit the trails.  The area is also great for a variety of water activities from stand up paddle boarding to canoeing.  Just remember your own personal limitations as well as be bear aware. Do those two things and fun in the park almost becomes limitless.

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String Lake Trail Sign
String Lake Trail
Location: Turn west off the Teton Park Road at North Jenny Lake Junction and continue roughly 1.5 miles to the String Lake Trailhead.
Distance 3.7 Mile Loop
Trail Difficulty Easy

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