Jul 10

Bridal Veil Falls: South Dakota

Bridal Veil FallsBridal Veil Falls is the easiest waterfall to see in Spearfish Canyon.  Located about 6 miles south of Spearfish on US Hwy 14A.  A very scenic highway that we highly recommend.  There is small parking area across the road from the falls.  A nice viewing platform along with the roar of the falls will point the way.  There is not an approved trail to the base of the falls.  However, we saw several people slide down the embankment near the platform.  Cross the creek below and see the falls from the base. Named after the way the water cascades down from the top.  Bridal Veil falls water flows over the edge and thinly shrouds the rock beneath like bride’s veil on her wedding day.  This 60-foot waterfall is the first of three in the area.  A very pretty waterfall to start the trip down the canyon.  Easy to get to.  Bridal Veil Falls is the perfect roadside attraction to take in while visiting the Black Hills. McKayla and Momma Bridal Veil Falls
My wife and I have traveled through this part of South Dakota four times before we traveled down Spearfish Canyon.  One of the more scenic areas of the state.  Don’t make the same mistake that we did by bypassing Bridal Veil Falls and the rest of Spearfish Canyon. Such a wonderful place what a great drive.

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Bridal Veil Falls: South Dakota
Located about 6 miles south of Spearfish on US Hwy 14A
Roadside Waterfall with viewing platform

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