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Great Zoo Exhibit: The Tropics

tropical birdThe Tropics is a fun exhibit to visit at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita.  A popular attraction since it first opened its door.  Even more popular now since its $3-million-dollar renovation in 2015.  Home to bugs, birds, reptiles, and mammals.  The Tropics is a great place to sit down and enjoy nature in action.  The Tropics
The Tropics is a hit with our family.  We love being in the enclosure with the animals.  It is as close to the real outdoors as a person can get while still in the zoo.  Zoos are a blast to visit for us, but nothing beats the natural environment.  So anytime a zoo can bring just a little bit of the real outdoors to an exhibit it is an extra treat. 
Fruit BatThe indoor tropical jungle has more than 60 species of birds many of them in free flight.  Birds were not the only things flying around. There were several fruit bats on display.   Lower to the ground.  There are several different water features including a walkthrough tunnel with a variety of fish and turtles on display.  Animals are not the only thing to look at.  The Tropics exhibit is home to more than 300 species of plants.  Tropical Trail
We have visited the Sedgwick County Zoo a few times over the years.  After our first visit I did not even remember that was an indoor jungle.  However, since the renovations it is now one of the highlights of our visits.  They really did a great job with this great zoo exhibit.   

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Tropics Fun
Sedgwick County Zoo
Located at 5555 W Zoo Blvd, Wichita
Hours of Operation: March to November 8:30 to 5 from November through February 10 to 5
Cost as of this Posting Adults 12 to 61 $14.95, Seniors 62 and over $11.95 and Children 3 to 11 $9.95
For more information about the Sedgwick County Zoo visit their website at

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