Jun 28

Roughlock Falls: Nature Trail

roughlock Falls 1Roughlock Falls Nature Trail is just one of the many scenic hikes that can be found in the Black Hills.  Hard part is picking which one to do.  Make it easy, pick this one. The Roughlock Falls Nature Area is a stimulation overload.  Colorful canyon walls, meandering stream, and a wonderful multi-tier waterfall.   Located in Spearfish Canyon next to the Spearfish Canyon Lodge.  A must see place when visiting the Black Hills.    Roughlock Falls Nature Area
There are two ways to get to Roughhlock Falls.  The easiest is via an unpaved road to the parking area close to the falls.  The second and highly recommended for those that feel able to do it is a short 2-mile roundtrip trail.  The hike is fairly easy with a slight elevation gain.  Well marked and moderately trafficked.  The Rough Falls Nature Trail is a scenic delight of South Dakota.  Starting at the lower parking lot just follow the signs to the trail. The hike runs next to a creek overlooking a meadow as winds its way closer to the Falls.  Once at the falls the dirt trail will make way for boardwalks and the upper parking lot.    
MeadowViews of Roughlock Falls is accessible for everybody.  The parking area next to the falls is nice for those physically impaired.  There are walkways for easy access as well as a variety of viewing platforms of Little Searfish Creek as cascades down over 50 feet.   While the waterfall is definitely the highlight of the area the rest of the area is pretty spectacular in its own right.    Top of Roughlock Falls
There are many things to see in the Black Hills area of South Dakota.  No way a person can fit it all in on one trip to the area.  But if you do find yourself there make sure you take the time to do this great hike.  It is well worth it. 

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On the Trail
Roughlock Falls
Distance 2 Miles RT from bottom parking lot a few 100 feet from top parking lot
Time about 45 minutes
Trail Difficulty Easy  

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