Jun 22

Pioneer Courage Park

Pioneer StatuesPioneer Courage Park is a downtown Omaha memorial dedicated to those that settled the land.  This monument to those pioneers begins at Pioneer Courage Park and ends at the Nebraska Wilderness Park.  Together these two parks have more than 100 individual bronze statues giving a glimpse of the daring tenacity of the pioneer spirit.  Little House on the Prairie
We really enjoyed our stop at the Pioneer Courage Park.  First it is free.  Second the sculptures are very well done, extremely lifelike.  Third instead of just having some bronze wagons with some pioneers.  The artist turned it into an action seen.  A wagon train spooking a herd of buffalos which sends a gaggle of geese to take flight.    
Pioneer Courage ParkThe Pioneer Courage Park was nice stop for our family.  My eldest daughter liked seeing the larger-than-life statues.  The park was a nice place to take a stroll and get out in enjoy the weather. As a history teacher I enjoy seeing things that are tied to historical events.  So far my growing family tolerates that passion.  Hopefully that trend will continue as my girls grow up.  McKenna and the Statues

We travel a lot and like to see as much as we can. Unfortunately, most things come with a price. So when we come across a free attraction we flock to it like a pioneer to good land. 

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Pioneer Courage Park
Located at 1400 Capitol 1601 Dodge St Omaha,
Cost as of this Posting; Free
For more information visit Pioneer Courage Park Website at

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