Jun 20

Great Plains Nature Center: Wichita

Great Plains Nature CenterGreat Plains Nature Center is located in Wichita’s Chisholm Creek Park.   It is a great free attraction in Kansas.  Since there was no cost we figured it would be a wonderful opportunity to get out and stretch our legs during our road trip.  It was.  Great Plains Nature Center is one of the best of its kind that we have ever been to.    Interactive Exhibit
It is a large complex.  The 282 acre Chisholm Creek Park has over 2 miles of paved trails that wind through woodlands, prairie, and marshland.  While the nature center has close to 4,000 square feet of educational displays, interactive exhibits, and a 2,200-gallon fish tank.  If you want to learn all about the flora and fauna of the Great Plains this is the place to do it. 
chisholm creek parkMy eldest daughter soaks up information like a sponge.  So she was in paradise.  Reading sign after sign, doing the interactive exhibits, and constantly going back to the touch tables.  My youngest likes nothing more than to be strapped into the baby carrier and go for walks.  So best of both worlds for my girls.  As adults my wife and I also found lots of interesting things to see and learn about at the center.  Our favorite had to be what we would call the “relaxation grotto.” A room at the back of the center with a large bay window overlooking a pond.  Just in a short time in the room we had a family of geese and a turkey stroll by.  Gaggle of Geese
The trails next to the Great Plains Nature Center were also a lot of fun.  I had never seen so many freshwater turtles in my whole life.  For a quarter we got an ice cream cone full of turtle food to feed them.  The girls enjoyed dropping the pellets into the water and watching the fish, turtles and ducks frolic about.  The Great Plains Nature Center is a nice oasis in the city. 
Nature CenterThe whole family enjoyed our time at the Great Plains Nature Center.  If we lived in the area I could easily see that this is the type of place, where we would spend lots of days.  The hiking trails were great.  The nature center is top notch.  Wichita has really got a good thing going here.  McKenna Great Plains Nature Center SignTo see our reviews of other Kansas attractions, click here

Great Plains Nature Center
Located at 6232 E. 29th Street North, Wichita, KS
Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about the Great Plains Nature Center go to their website at

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