May 19

Fall Creek Falls: Tennessee Waterfall

Fall Creek Falls TNFall Creek Falls is Tennessee’s largest waterfall.  Located in Fall Creek Falls State Park.  One of the best state parks that I have ever visited.  My trip there was a basically a drive by but still got to see some stunning scenery.  Also realized that a drive by is not going to cut it next time I visit that part of the state.  Tallest Waterfall East of the Rockies
At 256 feet it is the highest free-fall waterfall east of the Mississippi River.  At least that is what they claim.  Other states claim that due to the Fall Creek Falls nature the top part as you can see in the photographs makes Fall Creek Falls first dozen or so feet count.  I am not one for semantics.  I just know that it is beautiful and worth a visit.  I highly recommend going in the spring because Falls Creek Falls has a sister waterfall Coon Creek Falls that flows right next to it.  It is seasonal but it does make for a more impactful viewing. 
A person can view Fall Creek Falls from the parking lot.  Wonderful views there.  However, if physically inclined to do it.  There is a short but very steep trail down to the base of Fall Creek Falls.  I took the hike down and while it was easy going down but a bit of a dyspneic (my word of the day I might as well use it) causing journey on the way out.  It was well worth it.  

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Fall Creek Falls
Located at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Spencer Tennessee
Roadside Waterfall
For more information about the state park visit their website at

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  1. freda

    Looks great, but I think I would just look from the parking lot. LOL

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