May 12

Oklahoma Land Run Monument: OKC

BoomerThe Oklahoma Land Run Monument is made up of 45 larger-than-life bronze statues idealizing the 1889 event.  Started in 2003 and completed in 2015.  The Oklahoma Land Run Monument is one of the largest freestanding bronze sculptures in the world.  It spans a whopping 365 feet in length.   Ideally located in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown area. The commercial and entertainment district in the city’s downtown.  Centenial Land Run Monument
The bronze sculptures of the Oklahoma Land Run Monument are literally frozen in motion as they race to secure their new homesteads.  The romanticized scene of the Land Run is on full display.  Starting with a cannon being fired and ending with horses, riders, wagons even a rabbit taking part in the act that singled the end of the frontier and Indian Territory.  Situated along the Bricktown Canal.  The Oklahoma Land Run Monument can be viewed along the walking path or from the water taxi.  Both are wonderful options.   
OKC Land Run MonumentThe Oklahoma Land Run Monument is a powerful monument for several reasons.  The size and detail of the sculptures shows off the artist’s amazing ability.  The setting is well done.  Having them stopped in time as they are moving forward fording the stream is how many people see the historical event.  The moving forward from one age to another.  The ending of the West and the start of the industrial age.  For Oklahomans it means a little bit more.  It symbolizes their becoming a state.  It will also be viewed by some people as a catastrophe.  The breaking of United States treaties with Native Americans.  One of the oldest history narratives around is of one group taking land from another and it is captured in bronze.  Bronze Statue
Making people feel different things is what makes this monument so powerful.  Unlike many institutes and places in this day in age, Oklahoma choose not to cover up its history by removing it, changing names, or covering it up.  It allows people to look at it and determine for themselves how they see it.  Was the Land Run a historic right, wrong, or something in between? It is the freedom of the United States that allows us to personally decide.          

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Oklahoma Land Run Monument
Oklahoma Land Run Monument
Located on the South End of the Bricktown Canal just passed the Bass Pro Shop, Oklahoma City
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about the Oklahoma Land run Monument visit

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