May 02

Twin Falls: Rock Island State Park

Twin FallsTwin Falls was the reason we hit Rock Island State Park as we driving from Cookeville Tennessee to Chattanooga.  The state park has plenty offer.  But if you are like us and don’t have enough time, Rock Island State Park is still a good visit.  Most things are right off the park road.  Also the majority of the parks hikes are on the shorter side.  Just make sure you visit Twin Falls.

The main attraction at the state park is Twin Falls.  A spectacular waterfall that appears out of a lime stone cliff.  It is a wide waterfall with a height of 80 feet.  Now for the waterfall purist out there this is not a natural waterfall.  A lot of people would quickly dismiss it but don’t.  This “man-made” waterfall was by product of a dam that was built in 1925.  The pressure of the water built up and worked its way through the limestone.  The interesting thing about Twin Falls is the water emerges in the middle of the cliff instead of over the top.  
Cliffside WaterfallTwin Falls flows year-round so a great fall foliage picture can be had here when the leaves change colors.  But really any time of year could afford nice framing for a picture.  Like photographing any waterfall, the ideal time is early morning, late afternoon, and overcast days. 

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Twin Falls
Located off of Powerhouse Road on the North side of Rock Island State Park
Feet from the parking lot
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