Apr 28

Rock Island State Park

Rock Island State ParkRugged beauty, historic buildings, epic waterfalls, and hiking is what Rock Island State Park has to offer.  Unfortunately, our day trip through the area did not afford the time to do all that.  In fact, I would not even call it a day trip.  More of a vacation survey. What we found out was we want to go back. The whole Tennessee Eastern Highland Rim was gorgeous with one state park after another worth seeing. Poor planning on my part and the need to get back for work only left us one day in the area.  Definitely not enough time.  Cliffside WaterfallWe spent our time taking in the two main waterfalls, letting our girls burn off some energy on a playground, and going for a short family stroll near Twin Falls.  We tried to see as much as we could in our visit.  The nice thing is the waterfalls were literally steps from where we parked.  Great for our little ones to see.  We stopped off at the visitor center and the rangers were really helpful.  Lots of friendly advice.  Hopefully we will get to use it in the future to make full use of the 870 acres of Rock Island State Park.  The multiple waterfalls that are there.  Plus, get to hike some of their rugged trails. 
Great FallsI think a Rock Island State Park visit will be in our future.  Hopefully, next time we will pack our tent and spend a little bit more time there. Even if we couldn’t we would still enjoy a quick drive by the park.  The gorge is gorgeous.  Great Falls has its own masculine beauty.  However, Twin Falls tops it all.  Seeing this accidently made waterfall seeping magically out of the cliff side is inspiring.  Good thing they built that dam in 1925 which diverted the water.  The water then found its way through the limestone creating the spectacular Twin Falls.  Twin FallsRock Island State Park was a lot of fun for us.  Short and oh so sweet.  Just wish there would have been a little bit more time there, but it did whet our appetite for another visit.  I will say the people that live along US 70S Highway sure have a pretty bit of country to explore. 

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Rock Island State Park
Located at 82 Beach Rd, Rock Island TN
Cost as of this Posting Free
For more information visit their website at

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  1. freda

    Wow that is amazing so much water from (it appears) nowhere. I love it. Would love to see it in person.

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