Apr 20

Tennessee Safari Park

PeacockWe had good times all around at the Tennessee Safari Park.  Just a short drive off I-40 not far from Memphis this drive through safari is a must see.  Large variety of animals.  A very reasonable price.  Arguably the largest feed bucket we have ever been given at safari park.  All-in-all a great bang for our hard earned buck.  Feeding
Tennessee Safari Park is home to 400 plus animals from over 80 different species.  Mainly hoof stock, but still a lot of fun.  There were several unique animals that we got to see.  Some of them being a Sichuan takin, wildebeest, Indian hog deer, and water buffalo.  Another fun part of our spring visit to the Tennessee Safari Park was the number of babies running around.  While the collection does not really have any predator species, The Tennessee Safari Park was doing just fine without them.  There was so much to see here. 
wildebeestThe park is divided up into two areas.  The first part to the Tennessee Safari Park is the 3.5 mile driving tour.  This was a lot fun.  However, be aware that if you are over protective of your car, don’t want it slobbered on, heads with horns sticking in, a peck at the window then you won’t enjoy this.  However, if you like to get up close and personal with exotic animals this will knock your socks off.  Animals were gentle but make sure you watch where you place your fingers.  The camels also seem very adept at taking the entire feed bucket as several where lying about in their area.  I also had my finger in the wrong spot and they came hard down on my thumb.  Just enough to be uncomfortable not enough to physically hurt me.  we really had a great experience.  Petting Zoo
The second part to the Tennessee Safari Park is their walk through zoo area. Also a lot fun. There they had primates, more peacocks than I have ever see before, a petting zoo area, and if you want, a chance to pay to feed giraffes.  The facilities are a bit dated, but we were not there to see their buildings.  Our youngest enjoyed her time at the petting zoo with the baby goats.  Our oldest enjoyed playing in their playground area. 
Hoof Stock
The Tennessee Safari Park was a great time for our family.  It broke up our drive from Memphis to the east part of Tennessee.  McKenna our 3-year-old loves animals.  So any animal park is always a win-win for us and her.  Our youngest is not yet 2 so the price was kept down though compared to other safari parks the Tennessee Safari Park is a real bargain.

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Tennessee Safari Park
Located at 618 Conley Rd, Bells, Tennessee
Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting- Cash/Check Only – Adults $12.00 Children $8.00
For more information visit their website at

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