Apr 10

Hot Water Cascade: Hot Springs National Park

Hot Water CascadeHot Water Cascade is a mini-waterfall of cascading water that flows down the mountain from one of the springs.  Probably the smallest waterfall that I have ever photographed.  Hot Water Cascade is accurately named.  On colder days the cascade will radiate clouds of steam down the mountainside.  Hot Water Cascade ends in a small rock lined pool at the bottom with a drain that takes it towards the bathhouses.     Start of the Hot Water Cascade
The famous “Hot Springs of the Ouachita” now home to Hot Springs National Park is a fun little tourist trap of a town in Arkansas. Several small touristy things to see and do.  However you spend your time there, make sure you take a nice stroll up the mountainside.  Hot Water Cascade is a good stopping point at the beginning and end of your walk.  It is not the most exciting thing to see but it gives a nice perspective of where the “hot” in Hot Springs comes from. 
Our two little girls enjoyed seeing the mini-cascade.  Holding on to giant leave they had picked up and dunking them in the water and pulling it out to touch the water.  The water is hot but not scalding to the touch.  Makes sense that everybody from Native Americans to the conquistadors to the who’s who of the 1920s paid a visit to America’s “First Resort.” I am just personally glad it is not our last resort. 

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Hot Water Cascade
Located in Hot Springs National Park across the street from the Arlington Hotel
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about the park visit

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