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National Park Aquarium: Hot Springs

beared dragonLocated in historic Hot Springs Arkansas, the National Park Aquarium provided the perfect little distraction for my little girl.  She is a trooper when it comes to our family vacations.  But children can only take so much of historic buildings, overlooks, and hiking trails.  The National Park Aquarium provided just enough variety and excitement to keep her going as we toured the city and Hot Springs National Park.     National Park Aquarium
The National Park Aquarium is a kid friendly place.  Whose name makes it sound more prestigious then it actually is.  They might be better served by adding the word “children’s” to the title because that is who is going to enjoy it.  My three-year-old, McKenna, certainly did.  Because of that, I liked the place. 
glass catfishThere are over 60 exhibits to peruse some 300 animals they have on display at the National Park Aquarium.  Including a “free range” desert tortoise that visitors can pet.  They also had several unique things like a transparent fish a tomato frog, and a leopard gecko.  The aquarium is divided up into two rooms with a variety of different size tanks.  McKenna enjoyed her visit so much we ended up going through both sides twice.  Followed by a third time where we saw the ones she liked the best.  In all it took a little over 45 minutes to go through the place.  Crab
It is not a big-city aquarium which makes sense because Hot Springs is not a big city.  The National Park Aquarium is a nice small personal collection of aquatic life, amphibians, and reptiles.  If you are expecting more than that you will be disappointed. However, if you are looking to kill 30 minutes to an hour with your children then you will enjoy the place.  I used it as a daddy daughter date which worked out great.  We got to spend some time together seeing things that she loves.  Plus, I got to walk out a hero because I took her.  All winning things in the game of life. 

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M at National Park Aquarium
National Park Aquarium
Located at 209 Central Ave, Hot Springs
Cost as of this Posting Adults 13 to 59 $6.00, Seniors 60 and over $4.75 and Children 4 to 12 $4.25
Hours of Operation: Open daily- times vary throughout the season-
For more information visit their website at

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