Apr 03

Hanging Lake: A Colorado Treasure

Hanging LakeHanging Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake in scenic Colorado.  A natural wonder that is ever so popular with day hikers.  Those that have not made this short two and half mile round trip hike, are truly missing out.  I would consider it one of the best day hikes that I have ever done. A scenic mountain lake with two waterfalls.  It does not get much better than that.   The Hanging Lake Trail is a bit strenuous but not impossible for just about any physical being.  So strap on the hiking boots and take a drive out to Glenwood Canyon and enjoy.  On the Trail
The hike up to Hanging Lake is exactly that…up.  The 1.2 miles it takes to get to the lake is one step after another up a rocky uphill climb.  Luckily, for the weary traveler there is nice babbling brook that runs next to the trail.  Offering several places to stop and see the cascading water of Dead Horse Creek.  This little scenic water runoff is a nice place to stop and take a breather.  This is not a flip-flops/sandal trail.  Proper footwear like well cushioned hiking boots will make the rocky terrain much more enjoyable.  And remember always bring plenty of water on any hike.  Better safe than sorry is good thing to live by on the trails. 
Glenwood CanyonClose to the end, the trail will get even steeper.  At that point Karen, my wife, needed a little bit more encouragement.  She is a real trooper and took the steep stairs that are carved into the canyon cliff rock like a champ.  Once to the top the view took our breath away.  It is truly a unique place.  In all of our travels and we have had the privilege seeing many things.  Hanging Lake is one the prettiest places that we have ever seen.  Definitely worth the rigorous hike up the mountainside.  We were there in midmorning and our pictures will not do it justice.  Just take our word for it Hanging Lake is spectacular so all that visit please take care of her.  Dead Horse Creek
Our particular visit to Hanging Lake took place in October during the week.  The parking lot was mostly empty when we arrived around 8 in the morning.  When we left around 11:30 there was not a parking spot to be found.  Go early.  Hanging Lake is worth setting the alarm for.     

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Hanging Lake Colorado
Hanging Lake Trail
Distance 2.4 miles Round Trip
Time about 2 hours
Trail Difficulty Strenuous

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