Mar 18

Landscape Photography Number 12: Cummins Falls

Falls at Cummins State Park
Cummins Falls was a lot of fun to get to.  You have to cross in calf to knee deep water several times to get to the base of the falls. Not my finest moment of packing. I forgot to bring any sort of water shoes.  So on the way to Cummins Falls, I got some cheap ones from Walmart.  Not the best investment but they worked out.  My feet were hoping for more cushioning.  Needless to say, there were some light stepping when I got to some of the rockier sections of the river. 

It was a great little state park and one that I would like to visit again in the future.  The above photograph was taken on semi-cloudy day.  I had seen so many pictures from the other side of the falls that I wanted to get one from a different perspective.  This was taken on the left side of Cummins Falls from a large rock in the river. 

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