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Wolfe Ranch: Arches National Park

Wolfe RanchWolfe Ranch, an eye opener to a much harsher reality that awaited people a century ago. Located in what will later become Arches National Park, Wolfe Ranch is a one-room cabin.  Built by John Wesley Wolfe at the turn of the 20th century.  He made a go of that arid Utah landscape for over a decade.  As much as I love Arches National Park and the Southwestern landscape I am ready to go after a week or two.  I like things like broadleaf trees and rain too much.  I could not even imagine how tough of a life the Wolfe family had out there trying to scrape a living together.  Hiking Baby on Board
The trail to Wolfe Ranch is right at the beginning of the hike to the base of Delicate Arch.  A must-see in Arches. The homestead is a quick little stop then on to bigger and better things that await.  Just make sure you take the time to stop and check out the building from another era. 
After stopping at Wolfe Ranch and before taking off for Delicate Arch take the spur trail to the wall of petroglyphs.  Carved sometime between 1650 and 1850.  The hunting scene depicted on the rock has stood up well to the test of time.  Please protect and respect the area by not adding your own artwork.

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Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail
Located in Arches National Park
1.4 miles RT, Easy Trail
For more information about Arches National Park visit http://www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm

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