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Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail: Arches National Park

Delicate Arch from ViewpointDelicate Arch Viewpoint Trail is the go between hike for those not looking to go all the way to the famous landmark.  There are three different views of Delicate Arch.  The first and most accessible for all visitors is the Delicate Arch Viewpoint area about 100 yards from the parking lot.  The second is a much more strenuous then the viewpoint starts at the Wolfe Ranch and leads to the base of Delicate Arch.  A third is the Delicate Arch Viewpoint trail and is a compromise between the two.  Trail
This easy trail will get you about half a mile closer to Delicate Arch, but not all the way there.  The Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail offers a scenic view of the arch and its surroundings.  It is good for all levels of hikers thought it will get a little steep towards the end.  However not near as steep as going all the way to Delicate Arch.  The cool thing about this trail is getting a feel for the scale of the arch.  Seeing the people scurry near and around Delicate Arch like little ants definitely puts its size in perspective.
Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail
Obviously the best way to see Delicate Arch is up close.  Seeing it glow at sunset and change colors is a bucket list event.  However, if that is not possible or if you are short on time the Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail is not a bad alternative.  The view from the parking lot is ok but taking this short trail will offer a little bit better of an observation point

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Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail
Located in Arches National Park
1.4 miles RT, Easy Trail
For more information about Arches National Park visit http://www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm


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