Feb 12

Windows Loop Trail: Arches National Park

Turret ArchWindows Loop Trail is another family friendly hike located in the Windows Section of Arches National Park.  This loop trek lasts just a little over a mile and shows off three arches.  The North and South Window Arch which is affectionately known as the spectacles.  Or as my wife refers to it, Quasimodo, the Hunch-face of Utah.  At certain angles I get what she is talking about.  The third arch is Turret Arch a smaller rock formation that seems to elevate magically out of the desert floor.  Windows Arches
The windows sections made for a fun outing.  We had lunch across the road from Balanced Rock followed by two short strolls to see Double Arch and the Windows.  For a short day trip to Arches we felt we used our time wisely with those three picks. 
Windows Loop Trail
The Windows Section is a nice area in Arches especially for those that are physically fit or able to make some of the longer hikes.  Delicate Arch as well as the arches in the Devil’s Garden area might be more scenic, but are also much more strenuous to get to.  While the Windows Section is a must see by all those that visit Arches.  It will be appreciated much more by those that may not be up to or able to go to some of the other places in the park.   

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Windows Loop Trail
Located in Arches National Park
1 mile RT, Easy Trail
For more information about Arches National Park visit

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