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Double Arch Trail: Arches National Park

Double Arch PathDouble Arch Trail is the perfect get to know ya hike for Arches National Park.  A short suitable trail just about any able body type.  A half mile trail to a close-set pair of natural arches.  The trail is very easy with hardly any elevation gain and the first trail my three-year-old I did upon reaching the park.  She really enjoyed this trek.  Got to see a little lizard along the hike, and ended up being more fascinated about plants along the trail than the arches themselves.  Not that I minded.  We had a blast going to see the Double Arch.  A great little daughter daddy scamper.       M at the Double Arch
I have been to Arches five different times and the Double Arch Trail is one of my favorites in the area.  I just get so much bang for my buck on this trail.  A double arch with very little effort, count me in.  I prefer to hike early in the morning before the crowds.  The later in the day the more people are climbing it.  Great if you are into climbing things not so great because you and your family are now in my photo album forever.  Say, “cheese.”  
Double ArchOn this particular trip we were just driving through Moab and decided to spend a few hours and have lunch in one of our favorite national parks.  Not enough time to see some of the harder to reach places.  So I settled for the Double Arch Trail.  Which would be like saying “instead of a diamond I’ll settle for a sapphire“ still a great treasure, so not much settling going on. We got there a little bit before lunchtime and hit the short trail.  Twenty minutes later we were back to the car with big smiles on our faces.  A perfect start to fun filled time at Arches.  Happy Girl
Double Arch Trail perfectly sums up what Arches National Park is all about.  A short trail with an outstanding feature at the end.  Just about perfect for anybody though not exactly handicapped accessible due to no paved trail to the arch.  We kept a sharp eye out for some desert wildlife and came away not disappointed.  We saw two small lizards scurrying around.  A great little family friendly trail to a beautiful arch.     

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Double Arch Trail
Located in Arches National Park
.5 mile RT, East Trail
For more information about Arches National Park visit

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