Jan 27

Beavers Bend: Oklahoma State Park

Fall HazeBeavers Bend is THE family outdoor destination in southeastern Oklahoma.  Located alongside Broken Bow Lake, Beavers Bend has just about all a person needs to get away from the rat race.  Time was in a ‘no passing zone’ once we were in the park.  There was just something about the place that made it very easy to relax.  Beavers Bend was all you could ask for in a state park Light at the end of the stream
Karen and I enjoyed our trip there in the fall.  We were having a family reunion of sorts and whole family rented a cabin.  While the fall colors were not as vibrant as we had seen in pictures of years past, there were still some pockets of brilliance here and there that made the park beautiful.  During our time there we got to check out a folk festival that was going on and let me tell you those hillbillies’ sure no how to put on a party.  All-joking-aside the folk festival was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.  My oldest loved the petting zoo they had.  My wife boogied down to the folk music.  And the art work and carving they could do was simply amazing.  Some of those woodworkers have more talent in their little pinkie then I do in my whole body.   
Running over FallThe park side of the things was a lot of fun.  There were 12 miles of trails including five designated nature trails,  rocky creeks with fly fishing opportunities, and a large lake to boat around on.  If lake boating is not your thing you could take one of the better canoe trips in the state of Oklahoma.  A nature center that tells about the abundant wildlife in the area.  Beavers Bend is home to black bear, dear, turkey, and the occasional alligator.  Also for those conspiracy theorist out there a chance to go searching for the elusive sasquatch that “supposedly” lives in the area.  This park has a little bit of everything for just about anybody’s interest.  Broken Bow Lake
We stayed in a cabin but after driving around in the park we notice a few campgrounds to try for the next time.  Of course my wife might have a few words to say about that so chances are we would probably be at the lodge.  There was also an 18-hole golf course that looked interesting.  I could definitely see us going back for a little extended weekend getaway. 
Fall Reflection
I had never been to Beavers Bend until this trip.  Heard lots of good things about it but never quite understood its appeal.  Now I do. 

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Beavers Bend State Park
Located in just N of Broken Bow on 259A
Open year round
Cost as of this posting free
For more information about the Beavers Bend State Park click

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  1. freda

    It was a fun time for all the family.

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