Jan 21

Coke Ovens Trail: Colorado National Monument

From the Overlook Coke OvensCoke Ovens Trail, a short hike with great views of the red-rock landscape of ColoradoColorado National Monument seems a little out of place in pantheon of Colorado scenery. No majestic mountains, no groves of aspens, or roaring water.  The monument would seem more at home in Colorado’s neighbor to the west.  Coke Oven Trail Sign
Miles of trails run through Colorado National Monument and there is a nice variety to choose from.  From the highly regarded 11.6-mile roundtrip Monument Canyon trail to the kid friendly nature trail next to the visitor center.  Another family friendly trail is the Coke Ovens Trail.  It is a 1-mile roundtrip with a slight decline at the beginning that turns into a slight incline at the end. 
Overlooking the Coke Oven TrailCoke Ovens Trail leads to the top of the Cokes Ovens rock formation.  So getting outstanding views of the Coke Ovens is a little lacking.  Not exactly what I was expecting when I set off on Coke Ovens Trail.   I thought the overlook of Coke Ovens would actually provide you know a look of the oven.  I guess I should have taken it literally.  By taking the trail I would be over the Coke Ovens taking a look.  Coke Ovens
I still enjoyed my hike on the Coke Oven trail.  It did give nice views of the canyon below.  If you are looking for a short hike to get out of the car as you drive down Rim Rock road. About 30 minutes is all you really need for this hike.      

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Coke Ovens from Road
Coke Ovens Trail
Located in Colorado National Monument
1 mile RT, easy trail
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