Jan 13

Rim Rock Drive: Colorado National Monument

Rim Rock Drive
Rim Rock Drive, the park road in Colorado National Monument, is one of the most scenic drives that I have been on.  Just 23 miles long.  Rim Rock Road is short and oh so sweet.  There is just something about the crisp blue western sky painted above the sweet red rocks below that gets me every time. I got to say I am a little jealous of the people that live in the Grand Junction area.  To have the Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa in their backyards would be heaven for this hiker           
Coke Ovens
Now knowing exactly what was in store at Colorado National Monument led me to plan poorly.  I only allocated just a few hours to check out the national monument.  Not nearly enough.  I had just given myself an early morning tour of the monument and I promised my wife to be back by noon. If only I knew then what I know now, then I would have set a few days aside to be in the Grand Junction area. 
Ute Overlook
Besides trying to limit myself from taking too many pictures.  I also had to fight the urge to go farther on the trails found all along Rim Rock Drive.  Fighting both of those desires was a little bit more than I could take.  I needed a stronger motivational force to get out of the Colorado National Monument area on time.  Luckily for me I thought of my loving wife who was back at the hotel with our two little girls.   Through her grace and kindness, she gave me the go ahead to leave early to take some sunrise photos and see as much of the monument as I could.  As long as I made it in the time frame that I gave her. 
Nature Trail
Knowing that one way leads on to another, I kept a sharp mind on my wife who was in a hotel with our two rambunctious girls.  Not wanting to let her down or get ‘the look’ when I got back I used every minute as wisely as I could.   Knowing I could not soak it all in. I decided to make this little trek down Rim Rock Drive into a survey of the area.  Hoping someday I will be back and next time with the whole family.  I looked for the highlights and what areas would be fun to explore. 
Colorado National Monument
Rim Rock Drive was a great experience.  I wish I would have got to take the girls with me, but that would have had to have been a whole day adventure.  Just not enough time with all the other things we had planned.  If you do find yourself in Colorado National Monument make sure you check out the following places.  The visitor center area with the Book Cliffs View, Coke Ovens Trail, Ute Canyon area, and Devils Kitchen. 

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