Jan 10

Dinosaur Journey Museum

SaurapodLooks can be deceiving.  Looking at the Dinosaur Journey Museum I thought of a small warehouse, and if it was not for my daughter’s love of dinosaurs we would have skipped this one.  Glad that went ahead and visited.  It is a smaller dinosaur museum, but the exhibits were well done.  The Dinosaur Journey Museum is one of those stops we frequently look for to help break up a trip.  It serves its purpose well.  It made our little girl happy, we had a fun educational experience, and we got to get out of the car for a while along I70.  Of course those three things almost did not happen.         Little Girl Learning
At one point we thought a visit to the Dinosaur Journey Museum had scared our 3-year-old off of her dinosaur infatuation.  Luckily it did not.  McKenna our eldest is very sensitive.  Not exactly sure where she gets that from but we are glad she has lots of empathy in her little bones.  Well, this museum has several animatronic exhibits including one of a dinosaur making a snack out of another dinosaur…it was also growling and snorting.  Of course, we were not the only ones in the museum during our visit and some kids where having a blast hitting the button making the dinosaur chow down.  McKenna’s eyes became as wide as dinner plates, she gave out a short little gasp, and we moved on to a different part of the museum. 
Terror at the MuseumNeedless to say, McKenna was not a real big fan of the robotic dinosaurs.  Fortunately, the rest of the museum she enjoyed.  Not the biggest dinosaur museum out there, but besides one graphic exhibit we thought the museum was well done.  Very educational.  We liked that it was more than just signs and plaques by the bones.  For example, to represent the size of a Brachiosaurs heart instead of having just a drawing or size chart they had cut out plastic heart shaped box you could get in.  It was nice that the exhibits were geared towards kids.  Brachiosaur Heart
Though they do not have many full-size skeletons they have lots of bones.  I think what makes this a nice dinosaur museum to visit is their working paleontology laboratory.  Gives the older kids a chance to see what a job working with dinosaur bones looks like.  They also have some hands-on exhibits.  As well as a simulated earthquake machine.  All-in-all it is a nice little museum.  I would not go out of the way to visit it.  However, if you have a dinosaur enthusiast in the family, and in the Grand Junction area then it is a great stop. 

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Head of a T Rex
Dinosaur Journey Museum
Located at 550 Jurassic Court
Hours of Operation 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the summer months’ hours differ during the winter months
Cost as of this Posting Adults $9, Seniors $7, and Children $5
For more information visit at

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