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Allen Unique Autos

2008 Viper
We came across Allen Unique Autos looking for place to stop between our hotel and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.  Our 3-year-old gets car sick in little as 25 minutes of driving.  Solution… Dramamine. Problem, we do not like to give it to her all the time.  She gets either groggy, cranky, or hyped up.  She is a complicated little girl.  So looking for a place to get out and see on our way to the butterfly house at the Botanical Garden we found that Allen Unique Autos was about a 15 minute drive from our hotel.  Problem solved, no Dramamine for the day.  We got to see a really cool car museum that the whole family enjoyed.  She made it to the garden and back to the hotel without getting sick.  It was a good day. 
McKenna and Bob's Big Boy
Now we are not necessarily car people.  What I mean by that is while looking at antique cars is fun we are not the type of family that is going to a Nascar race, a car auction, or trying to fix up an old muscle car.  So what took this from a nice little stop for us to a great one?  The large amount of memorabilia and wax figures that were around each video.  Though we visited in October my wife and I still laugh about McKenna posing like Bob’s Big Boy.  She was also fascinated with the ET wax figure.  She requested a photoshoot duet with the little alien. 
Allen Unique Auto
Fortunately for the car aficionados out there, Allen Unique Autos would have you covered.  The Tammy Allen car collection has over 80 on display.  All in immaculate condition.  Incredible colors and paint jobs to feed the visual senses.  I had never seen a matte finish on a car before, but there was one.  It actually looked better than I thought it would.  There were also several cars there that were once owned or designed for celebrities. 
Car Museum
So what was to be just a get out of the car kind of stop, turned into a fun little outing.  Seeing the cars was nice.  For us, especially my little girl, seeing the memorabilia was even better. 
M with ET
Now the bad news.  Unfortunately, Allen Unique Autos has closed.  I found that out as I was looking for some information to help me write my travel review.  From what I can tell Ms. Tammy Allen had some personal tragedy strike her family, and we offer our deepest condolences to her and her family.  We were glad that we got to experience her wonderful museum while it was still open. 

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Allen's Auto
Allen Unique Autos
Officially Closed
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  1. freda

    I love the picture of M sticking her tummy out like “Big Boy”.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      She is our little comedian

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