Jan 03

Vietnam War Memorial: Colorado

Vietnam MemorialStrong, poignant, oddly located, the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial is a nice monument to those that served in the war.  Located in in the back of the Colorado Welcome Center, it is a small memorial.  Just off of the interstate.  Though small in stature the Vietnam War Memorial does send a powerful message in its unique design.  It has a Huey helicopter on a platform overlooking a soldier returning home.  We liked the heartwarming statue of the returning solider with his parents arms open wide to embrace him. Too bad those soldiers did not have that embrace from all of America back then.  Hopefully the Vietnam War Memorial can let them know that they are appreciated.  There is also a wall etching with names of those that served during the Vietnam Era, as well as an area dedicated to those that served but were not a Vietnam Era Veteran.  POW Bench
Some might ask why visit?  They might ask that for a variety of reasons like…on vacation with the family there are many more attractions in the area.  Others might dislike the United States think that it is unfair and its history is unjust. Like the country or not those that live inside its borders benefit from the opportunities it provides.  That is why my wife and I go to memorials like this one.  We feel that it is important to recognize the sacrifice others have paid for the freedom we enjoy. 
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Western Slope Vietnam Memorial

Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial
Located at Colorado Welcome Center at 340 Highway, Fruita, Colorado
For more information visit their website at

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