Jan 01

Sunrise at Colorado National Monument

A few years ago you could not have paid me enough to get up to catch sunrise during a vacation.  Now I look forward to it.  Well, at least one special spot on each trip.  I am not that crazy it is called a vacation for a reason.   On this particular trip I decided it was going to be at Grand View in Colorado National Monument.  I had never been to the monument before but I figured with a name like Grand View how could I go wrong. 
Grand View
I left the town of Fruita about 45 minutes to an hour before sunrise.  That ended up being way more time then I needed.  The drive from town and up the Colorado National Monument road was uneventful.  I kept my eyes out for any animals on the night drive.  Fortunately for the car and unfortunately for myself I did not see any.  I arrived at the Grand View parking area and it still pitch black outside. So I did the only thing I could do find working radio station and listen to some tunes.  The only thing coming through on the radio was an “Oldies” station.  So after jamming to some music from the 1980s for a while the sky eventually started to lighten up.  On a side note, there’s nothing like hearing some of the music you grew up to on the “Oldies” station.  Just makes me feel warm all over that I have now reached that point.  At least I still have not heard any 90s music on one yet.  But it is coming.
Sunrise at Colorado Monument
Sunrise at Colorado National Monument was definitely striking.  Not the best sunrise scene that I have seen.  However, it was a nice one.  The more sunrises that I get up for I am starting to come to the realization that it is not so much getting that right lighting for a photo.  No what makes seeing those sunrises special is something different.  It is the feeling of being one of the first to see that particular scene on that particular day. Knowing that on this day life is not going to pass me by.  That I am up and ready and not just seize the day but throttle it. 
Colorado National Monument
I thought that this particular post was fitting for my first one of 2016.  Because each year is like a new sunrise.  A new beginning to a year full of hopes and dreams of things left unaccomplished.  Now if only I had the motivation to be one of the first to see sunrise every day.  Who knows maybe this will be my year. 

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