Dec 28

Grand Mesa Scenic Byway

Grand Mesa Road
Loved… just loved our time driving on the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway.  My humble words could not do justice to this playground in the sky.  Grand Mesa is the largest, flat-topped mountain in the world, and the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway gave us a great preview to what the land offered.  After the drive I realized I needed a trip do over.  A chance to go back in time and an add a few days for this wonderful spot.  I am also saying that without even seeing it at its peak.  So you know it has to be a great spot. 
Land of Lakes
We drove the Grand Mesa just on the shoulder of peak fall season.  Probably missed it by about 2 weeks.  That might have been a good thing. If we would have seen it at its topmost performance there might have been sensory stimulation overload. Fall colors in Colorado gave us a whole new meaning to fall foliage.  The few Aspen trees that still had their leaves were golden.  I say that both figuratively and literally.  We have seen a lot of pretty places in Colorado and Grand Mesa ranks right up there with the best of them. 
Looking Back on Fall
Unfortunately, we were just doing a drive by.  We were on our way to the other side of the state and could not spend as much time as we would have liked there.  The family went on two short hikes.  Stopped and took a few photos along the way.  Before we knew it our time was up and we needed to get back to the interstate and on our way. 
Mountain Fall
However, Karen and I saw enough to make sure that next time we are in Western Colorado we dedicate a few more days to the area.  There seemed to be a lot to do there.  Hiking, fishing, biking, it just seemed like a great place to get out and see God’s handiwork. We found this website very handy when it came to looking for hikes to do. 
Driving By
I would say that you cannot go wrong with a drive on the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway.  Even a short drive through like we did was a lot of fun.  Of course if you are like us you will quickly realize a quick trip through will never be enough. 

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Grand Mesa Scenic Drive
Grand Mesa Scenic Byway
Located between Mesa and Cedaredge Colorado
Cost is Free
Length 63 Miles
Driving Time: Roughly 2 hours but you will want to spend a few days
For more information about the area visit their website http://www.fs.usda.gov/main/gmug/home

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