Dec 25

Merry Christmas

McKayla BabyKaren and I just wanted to take the time to wish everybody a Merry Christmas.  Hope your season was bright and merry.  We had a very festive one at our house.  We ran the gamut of emotions this holiday season.  McKenna our 3-year-old had a breakdown because we ran out of holiday decorations to put up.  At another point she grabbed an angel from the manger and ran around the house.  As she was running she was yelling, “God bless everyone.” McKenna and the Christmas Pillow
We loved seeing her eyes light up at the cookies that Santa had sunk his teeth into.  Our two girls loved the gifts that Santa brought.  As for the wife and, I we did not make out too bad either.  But the joy that we have had from this Christmas has not been the presents or excitement about Santa.  It was spending time with each other. Snuggling up in blankets by the Christmas tree.  Our 3-year-old wanting to read stories about Jesus.  Just feeling the joy of the season.  We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you the happiest of New Years.

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