Dec 22

McKayla’s Cake Smash

How is it possible that our second tiny baby is already a whole year old!?!  We are so in love with our sweet spunky little McKayla girl (well, both our girls actually).  She is a charmer and always quick to have a toothy little grin on her face.  It is fun to watch her explore new things, she will always look back to see if Mommy or Daddy is watching her before she digs in head first discovering and learning.  She is walking more and more, not exclusively, but she can take about thirty steps in a row without tipping over.  She is slowly starting to boycott baby food in lieu of ‘big girl’ food, so her cake was a dream come true.  We wanted to share her fun and our fun watching our sweetie pie have her first taste of birthday goodness!

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1 comment

  1. freda

    She is such a sweetie, exploring but not too messy. Always ready to share.

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