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Land of Lakes Trail: Grand Mesa

Lake on Grand MesaLand of Lakes Trail, more like incredible view trail.  This easy half mile trail, mostly paved, is arguably the easiest trail to an outstanding view that I have ever been on.  Most hikes make a person work for its beauty.  Not this one.  Just a short incline trek up and then I had an extended view of the whole valley.   Land of Lakes Trail

The Land of Lakes Trail is a great all access trail that most people of reasonable health and ability can do.  I would say that it is stroller and wheelchair accessible though I am not an expert on those matters.  The paved part was in moderate to good condition and wide enough to accommodate most strollers or wheelchairs.      

Land of Lakes _PanoramaIt was easy to see Mother Nature’s spectacle from the top of the Land of Lakes Trail.  I have seen a lot of different parts of Colorado. It’s an impressive state.  However, I had never been to Grand Mesa before and only getting to spend an afternoon there I felt so short changed.  When we left I turned to my wife and told her Grand Mesa needs to be a vacation destination all by itself.  It was beautiful.  Land of Lakes Trailhead

The Land of Lakes Trailhead is a short half mile trail on the south side of Grand Mesa just off US Highway 65.  It is just a little southwest from the Grand Mesa Lodge.  The turn off to the paved parking area is between the County Line trailhead and the Crag Crest trailhead.  There are no facilities at the Land of Lakes Trailhead.  Not a bad thing because it is such a short trail.  Thought you might be there a while to take in the view. 

Land of Lakes Overlook

The trail runs straight up to the overlook.  There they have a few informational boards that point out the different lakes and mountains that can be viewed.  We were there in the middle of October and the weather was just perfect.  Unfortunately, most of the leaves had already turned and fallen so it was not as spectacular as it could have been but what we got to see was still pretty special. 

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Land of Lakes Trail
Located in Grand Mesa
½ Mile Trail
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