Dec 07

A Sweet Tradition Continues…

We all scream for ice cream                                             Ever since the early days of mine and Kenny’s vacations, along the trip we would stop by at least one ice cream shop.  Preferably a small town, obscure little shop rather than some big chain store.  Although in a pinch Cold Stone Creamery can’t be beat.  As the years have flown by and we are now a family of four we have continued our little ice cream tradition now including our two little girls in the treat. Gelato Junction

Grand Junction Colorado was no exception.  It was a warm day, we had been driving for quite a while and were looking for a little pick me up.  I quickly suggested ice cream and cries of glee rung through the vehicle (and that was just Kenny).  Just kidding, what three-year-old could pass on a good old scoop of ice cream.

the famPulling out my trusty phone I was quickly able to locate a little creamery not too far from us called Gelato Junction.  It turned out to be in a sweet little downtown area with sidewalk cafés, fountains, flowers and eclectic art work.  A fun place to spend a little time even without the ice cream.  We zipped inside and were face to face with a colorful array of more flavors than we could imagine.  Of course your traditional vanilla and chocolate were well represented but there were purples and reds and greens that we could only imagine what they were.  Luckily the sales lady was very helpful and was more than happy to let us taste a little spoonful of any flavor that piqued our interest.  The most unusual one I saw was bright blue with colorful sprinkles throughout.  I believe it was called “Smurf” and it tasted like fruit loops.  McKenna was sold on the color alone and she opted for a little blue scoop.  Kenny chose a scrumptious fruit smoothie and I selected stracciatella, a traditional Italian vanilla with chocolate swirl.                                     M's happy dance

We took our treats out to the cute sidewalk tables and thoroughly enjoyed every last drop.  We would definitely recommend Gelato Junction to anyone who happens to be in the Grand Junction area of Colorado.  I hope we get to go back someday.

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  1. freda

    Good looking family you have there, and that includes the Dad.

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