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Blue Hole

Blue Hole

Blue Hole… What can one say about it other than the name fits.  Blue Hole in Santa Rosa New Mexico was an instant hit for my wife.  She loved it.  Now we are not scuba divers, but she was struck by the beauty of the crystal clear blue water in the sea of tans, reds, and greys of eastern New Mexico.  The aquamarine colors did leave us in wonder.                                             blue hole info
A 80-foot-deep artesian spring fed hole-in-the-rock is about as technical as I can get in describing Santa Rosa’s Blue Hole.  One of the top diving spots in the Rocky Mountains.  Wow, that is a sentence I never thought I would type.  The Blue Hole attracts scores of divers every weekend due to its constant 62 degree temperature. On our week day visit we saw at least 30 divers in or out of the water.  The place was hopping.  The water completely renews itself every six hours and it is the clearest water that we have ever laid eyes on.  Unfortunately, we did not spot any of the goldfish that call the Blue Hole home. 
Mckenna and Me Blue Hole
The Blue Hole was a fun little stop for my family.  A good get out and stretch the legs visit that did not keep us off the road for too long.  The Blue Hole is a neat little destination on ol’Route 66 and one of our more unique stops in that part of the country.  We did enjoy our time at the Blue Hole and though we did not get in the water that day it was fun watching the scuba divers descend to the depths below. I am more of snorkeling man myself. I also prefer my water to be a little bit warmer.  However, we imagine it would be hard to find a prettier blue in that part of the country. For that reason, I could see myself taking a dip or a dive into the Blue Hole.

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Blue Hole
Located at
1085 Blue Hole Rd., Santa Rosa, NM
For more information about the Blue Hole go to their website at http://santarosabluehole.com/index.html


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