Nov 21

Route 66 Monument: Americana Icon

Route 66 Monument Route 66 Monument in Tucumcari, New Mexico is a quaint tribute to the Mother Road.  An adobe-ish like sandstone base with a chromed out fender that spells out Route 66 is what you are going to find in this quintessential Route 66 town.  If you are fan of getting your kicks on Route 66 then you are going to love Tucumcari with its city murals, old hotel signs, Route 66 Museum, and of course its Route 66 Monument.  Now if you are not a fan of the historic highway well then Tucumcari is probably not the town for you and like time you will march right on by as you fly down the interstate. 

Route 66 on Road
You got to hand it to Tucumcari for trying to keep the myth, legend, and love for Route 66 alive. The Route 66 Monument is a newcomer to the famous Route 66 landmarks having just been dedicated in 1997.  So in terms of the other Americana icons adorning the “Road to the West” it is just a baby, and while the Route 66 Monument might seem out of place now.  Eventually over time as the next generation of would be travelers that look for the fragmented pieces of the long-dead highway will see the Route 66 Monument as a fitting tribute to a time long forgotten.

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Route 66
Route 66 Monument
Located at 1500 W. Route 66 Blvd, Tucumcari, New Mexico
Cost as of this Posting: Free


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