Nov 12

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

Running WaterTanyard Creek Nature Trail is located in the beautiful private community of Bella Vista.  It is extremely generous of Bella Vista to open up this family area to the public, and we are glad that they do.  So if you do decide to make the trek to Tanyard Creek please remember you are a guest in there backyard.  Located in the Northwest corner of Arkansas, Tanyard Creek Nature Trail made for a nice little road trip while we were staying in the Bentonville area of the Natural State of Arkansas. Smooth GreenWe were checking out the area as we were hunting for waterfalls and there is a nice small one that has views form an overlook that we went to see.  The Tanyard Creek Nature Trail waterfall’s flow is set by the spillage from the dam and at the time we were there it was completely open and flowing at a good clip.   Other times you can get head on views and play in the falls (info based on pictures we have seen on the internet) as the water flow slows.  Like most places that we have found during our travels, we go looking for one thing, only to discover that that there was much more in store for us.
Suspension BridgeThe Tanyard Creek Nature Trail impressed us much more than we thought it was going to.  At first we were just going to make it a quick stop to the waterfall but as our legs took us further down the trail we found ourselves wanting to discover what else was around the bend.  Though it is only about 2 miles in length it packs a whole bunch it is little space.  There is part of the trail that runs along a creek with several bridge crossings including a suspension bridge.  There is also part of the trail that goes by a cave and there is another with great views of the flowing water. Also along the trails there is opportunities to spot wildlife from white tail deer to a variety of birds that call the area home. Walking the TrailWe found the trail itself to be very kid friendly as we had our 2 daughters with us.  Our 3 year old had a great time on the trail as we walked and occasionally carried her along the way.  The youngest of our clan was in a baby sling and the level mostly smooth trail made for a safe and easy hike with her.  We also enjoyed the many interpretive signs along the way that explained the different types of plants that we were seeing.  All-in-all it was a really nice well maintained trail that made for a great family adventure.
Tanyard Creek WaterfallWe left Tanyard Creek Nature Trail feeling happy that we made the short drive up from Bentonville on our way to Pea Ridge National Military Park.  Those 2 stops made for a fun day as we explored the northwestern part of Arkansas. To view our reviews of other hikes we have been on click here. Tanyard Creek MapTanyard Creek Nature Trail
Located at Lancashire Blvd, Bella Vista, Arkansas
Free Trail
2 mile easy level trail
For more information visit their website at http://www.beautifulbellavista.com/tanyardcreek.htm

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