Oct 30

Halloween Season

Little PumpkinWell another Halloween is upon us and times are getting more exciting now that our three year old is starting to understand a little bit more about the holiday.  She already likes to play dress up so for some time now she has come up with about ten different things that she would like to have as her costume.  We also thought it was about time that we did the whole pumpkin patch experience and allow our daughter to pick out a pumpkin and decide on a design for her first jack-o-lantern. First Ride
Our visit to the Pumpkin Patch was a fun one for our little girls, a little disappointing for the adults.  My wife and I had these grand visions of walking in an actual pumpkin field like Linus from the Peanuts.  The patch that we went to was highly reviewed and had some fun activities for the children to do; pony rides, a petting zoo, games, a wagon ride, and a maze.  While it did not fulfill our fantasy expectations it was a nice outing, but we will probably check other options for next year.
Corn Maze

McKenna, our oldest has had her heart set on a cat pumpkin this year and dived right in when we started carving it.  She had a big smile on her face as she reached it to take out the guts of the pumpkin, it was a fun sight for us to see.  McKenna helped with the designing and waited patiently (not an easy feat for a 3 year old) as my wife carved it out.  Next up the candle, followed by turning off the lights and she shouted with joy as her pumpkin kitty came to life. Carving PumpkinsIt has been a joyful Halloween season and as our children get older the excitement and fun times will only grow stronger.  We wish you a safe, fun Halloween!
Cat PumpkinBaby Pumpkin

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