Oct 21

Big Dam Bridge

Arkansas River Trail

The Big Dam Bridge is the longest specifically built pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the world.  It has an incredible 4,226 foot span that sits atop the Murray Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River.  Like all bridges it was design to connect and Big Dam Bridge helps complete the 14 mile long Arkansas River Trail.  Besides its self-explanatory name that attracts people, the Big Dam Bridge was also named one of the “Top 10 Bridge Travel Sites” in the U.S. and Canada by the Society of American Travel Writers in 2012. Arkansas RiverThe first thing that struck me was the name which was probably what the designers of the bridge where going for then they name it what they did.  I am sure they were thinking it is just a big bridge on a dam so how do we get people to go and see it?  Well give it a funny double entendre name and like “Field of Dreams” if we build it they will come.  Those designers were right, people have come to see it, and as of this posting it is ranked on TripAdvisor as the 3rd best thing to do in Little Rock. Big Dam Bridge Sign

The Big Dam Bridge is exactly as it sounds, gigantic, but besides its size the bridge does offer sweeping views of the Arkansas River.  It is also a good running and biking area for a good workout as it rises close to 90 feet as it spans the Arkansas.   I found it to be a nice fun little trek to the other side of the river and made me wish I had my bike with me to cruise the River Trail and take in more of the surrounding area. I enjoyed my visit to the Big Dam Bridge more than I thought I would.   The view of the surrounding area from the top was nice, and the breeze was refreshing.  After about a week of traveling going from place it was relaxing to go for a nice stroll.  It is a free attraction so that made it even more worth seeing and where else can you tell your mother you crossed the Big Dam Bridge and not have to worry about getting your mouth cleaned out with soap.

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Located at 7600 Rebsaman Park Road, Little Rock
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at http://bigdambridge.org/

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