Oct 20

Devil’s Den Trail: Twin Falls

Twin FallsDevil’s Den Trail is a fantastic short day hike that really sums up my idea of the Natural State.   Hearing about this particular hike was one of the main reasons why we stopped to check out Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.  We were only had a few hours to spend there so we headed straight for the trail head. We thought that getting to see Twin Falls would be a good way to spend the afternoon for our little family before we had to finish our drive to the next spot.  Unfortunately, when we arrived my 6 month old had just fallen asleep in the car so we had to make a decision.  Wait for her to wake up so we could all do the hike or I could hike it with our 3 year old.  I asked my eldest daughter what she would like to do and to my surprise she said she wanted to go on the hike just with me. along the trailMy daughter and I set off on our daddy-daughter date hike at Devil’s Den, and the hike could not have gone better.  We used to hike with a carrier backpack but since my daughter is tall for her age it just does not really work out for us anymore.  So, at first I was a little worried about how she would handle the whole hike, but she was a real trooper.  She would walk a ways in the flat areas of the trail and I would carrier her up the inclines and down the declines.  It was a great first real (not being in a backpack the whole time) hike for her, and I hope it is the start of many more.
Part of the TrailThe Devil’s Den Trail was a fun trail for us with lots to offer.  There were interesting rock formations, caves, and of course the highlight for us, Twin Falls a double waterfall that flows seasonally.  Unfortunately, the caves were temporary off limits due to the white-nose syndrome that is killing off the bats in the area.  Some of the bats that live in the area are on the endangered species list so hopefully sometime in the near future there will be a cure to save the bats and the caves will open back up.  We found the trail to be well maintained with colored markers that indicated the path along the way.  My daughter loved looking for them as  we went along.  She kept pointing them out to me every chance she could get which helped pass the time along our trek.  Walking under the fallsGetting to the waterfall was a lot of fun and once there it got even better when we found out that the water was flowing.  Twin Falls is a seasonal waterfall and we happened to be there in July but it was a wet spring and summer.  The Devil’s Den trail was great and it was the first time my daughter got to walk (be carried) behind a waterfall and watch the waterfall flow over her head.  There is also a little bridge to cross by the falls and at the bottom there was a little bench which we used for a much needed rest.  The waterfall is located towards the end of the loop trail so if you are only interested in seeing the waterfall do the trail backwards which starts at the end of the parking lot and follows Lee Creek.

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Daddy Daughter WaterfallDevil’s Den Trail
Distance: 1.5 Miles
Trail Difficulty: Moderate

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