Oct 12

Old Mill: A Gone With the Wind Treat

The Old MillThe Old Mill in North Little Rock, Arkansas was not high on my list of things to see in Little Rock. However, since it was featured in the opening scene to one of my wife’s favorite movies, Gone with the Wind, that changed things.  I drag her and my 2 little kids all over the place, mostly willingly on their part, but sometimes not.  My kids are still too little to say “I don’t want to” though my 3 year old seems to be inching closer to that inevitable event on every trip we take.  My wife, on the other hand, loves me enough to go even if she objects.  So, when I can find something like the Old Mill which on the surface does not seem all that exciting of a thing and spring a little tidbit on her about it being in the movie Gone with the Wind when we get there.   Well, I could just not pass up that type of opportunity to put a big smile on her face. Family at the MillThe Old Mill is located at T.R. Pugh Memorial in the suburb of Little Rock, called ironically North Little Rock.  I love uncomplicated city names.  Despite its name, Old Mill, the mill it turns out is not all that old.  The Old Mill is a reproduction of an old 1800s water powered grist mill that was built in 1933 and appeared in the 1939 classic film Gone with the Wind.  It is believed to be the only remaining structure from that film which makes it a pretty unique site.  Personally, I am not a big fan of the movie, but found that a visit to the Old Mill was worth the time and effort to see.
Old Mill ArkansasBeautifully laid out this little park within a park is worth a quick visit.  The little bridges and benches are uniquely designed and from a distance look to be made of wood but are actually concrete.  The artistry on display at the Old Mill is really top shelf.  The area has a nice little pond that on our visit was filled with ducks which my 3 year old loved seeing.  The Old Mill is also surrounded with flowering plants and trees which I imagine bring visitors year round to see the changes to this serene little spot. My GirlsIf you find yourself in North Little Rock, then give the Old Mill a visit we certainly enjoyed our time there.  It is a quick stop and would be a perfect location for a picnic or jus at place to stop sit-down and relax for a few minutes.  It is a beautiful spot and if you are a cinema buff knowing that it was in Gone with the Wind is nice touch, but the icing on the cake is that a visit to the Old Mill is free.

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Old Mill SignThe Old Mill
Located at 3800 Lakeshore Drive North Little Rock, AR
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about the Old Mill visit http://www.northlittlerock.org/attractions_detail/285

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