Oct 07

Cedar Falls

Cedar FallsCedar Falls is one of the more famous sites in the Natural State.  Located in Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas this 95 foot waterfall is located along a moderately strenuous 2 mile roundtrip trail that takes its hikers to the base of the falls.  If hiking is not your think you can see Cedar Falls from the overlook, but if your body is up to it the short trek to the falls is definitely worth it.  Cedar Falls trail was one of my highlights of my time in Arkansas. Cedar CreekI had the pleasure of walking the trail in mid-July which was not the ideal time to go see a waterfall in Arkansas but luckily for me it happened to be one of the wetter summers in recent years.  My wife decided to keep our 2 little ones at Mather Lodge so I hustled down the trail.  Hopefully next time the whole family will be able to partake in the hike.
Bridge Across Cedar CreekThe trail to Cedar Falls starts right behind the impressive Mather Lodge and has a rather steep set of switchbacks dropping around 200 feet in the first quarter of the trail.  It is a rocky well maintained trail that is very popular so no worries about getting lost or wondering off the beaten path.  Once to the bottom of the hill, the trail pretty much flattens out as it follows Cedar Creek to the falls. The way is a little rocky and you have to step over and on few boulders along the way to Cedar Falls but overall nothing too difficult. SignThe waterfall itself is scenic, but I found the whole trail to be just as pretty as it runs along Cedar Creek.  Though there were lots of people in and around the falls the trail never seemed that crowded which made it quite enjoyable.  The only disappointing thing about the hike was, despite the fact that in several locations it was posted “no swimming,” several people were having a grand time swimming at the base of the falls.  Though I do not condone the breaking of rules and do not recommend it. I was disappointed that I did not have my swimming suit on hand that hot day.  Alas… I am a rule-follower and just waited until I got back to my car’s AC to cool off.

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Cedar Falls ArkansasCedar Falls
Distance 2 Miles Roundtrip
Trail Difficulty Moderate

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