Sep 28

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Blood MoonNot the greatest picture out there but it was a fun learning experience last night as I tried to photograph the Super Blood Moon Eclipse.  I will say it was an interesting and beautiful sight to see and a wonderful daughter father bonding moment as she shouted out with glee “I want to see the moon; I want to see the moon.”  So we went out and saw the moon and I wish I could be that excited about things again.  She looks up at the moon on a nightly basis like seeing it for the first time.  Ah the innocence and joy of youth.

My Super Blood Moon Eclipse did not come out as sharp as I wanted and I had to raise the ISO so there is a bit of noise in the shot so not my best work.  Good news is I will have some time to practice at taking pictures as the next super moon eclipse isn’t due until 2033.

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