Sep 20

Bear Falls: An Oklahoma Swimming Hole

Bear FallsBear Falls is a small waterfall on Travertine Creek and one of the more popular swimming holes in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  Of course, all that depends on the water levels and flow of the Antelope and Buffalo Springs.  If there has been a decent amount of rainfall and the creek is flowing then grab your swimsuit and have a bear of a good time. Travertine Creek Nature CenterThere is a little parking area next to Bear Falls, but if the water is flowing there will be a lot of people at this popular swimming hole.  If you are staying at the campground just a ways down from Bear Falls you will be in a prime spot to take advantage of this nice little swimming hole.
Touch tableBear Falls is on the road heading to Little Niagara Waterfall and the Travertine Nature Center.  I would say a great day to spend at the park is to take a little dip at Bear Falls, and when finished head up to the Travertine Nature Center.  Take the Buffalo and Antelope Springs Trail to see start of Travertine Creek and give yourself a chance to dry off.  Once dry check out the nice nature center where they have live animals on display, an educational touch table, several dioramas including a nature scene and stuffed buffalo.  Finally end the day with another dip at the Little Niagara Waterfall.

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Bear Falls
Located in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area
Along the Road to Travertine Nature Center
Height about 5 feet

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